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We want to help you

Our services are designed to help you level up your business.

We will help you define your brand identity, working out who you really are and why your customers need you. 

We are all about forging a transparent, collaborative, and integrated partnership with you! 

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It’s time to take a data-driven approach to your marketing and level up your business. 


Say no to vanilla!

How do you want to work?

We can be your only marketing resource 

We can coach your badass marketers

We can supplement your existing team

Finding your voice

📣 Project discovery
📣 Tone of voice development
📣 Customer persona development
📣 Strategy and goal setting
📣 Lead magnet and funnel building

Social media

⚡Social media strategy

⚡ Social media training

⚡ Social media for startups

⚡ Creating conversations

⚡ Channel management

⚡ Community management

⚡ Research and insights

⚡ Lead generation

⚡ Social content

⚡ Influencer marketing

⚡ Social ABM

⚡ Monitoring, measuring, and reporting

Content marketing

📝Content marketing strategy


📝Creative concept


📝 Lead generation

📝 Ebooks

📝 PDF downloads

📝 Blogs

📝 Web copy

📝 Editorial planning

Email marketing

📧 Newsletter subscription campaign
📧 Email indoctrination campaign
📧 Regular newsletter development
📧 Email automation


🔍SEO strategy

🔍SEO audits

🔍eCommerce SEO

🔍Keyword research

🔍SEO for startups


🔍Link building


✅A/B testing

✅User journey

✅Conversion funnels

✅Heat mapping


Digital marketing

🦑Digital strategy



🦑Website project management

Other badass stuff

👍 Agile coaching for marketing teams

👍 Networking

👍 Presentation skills

👍 Speech writing

👍  Events

👍  Conference planning

Emil from hiyield

“Kraken Marketing is 🔥 From SEO, PPC, Content and a thorough digital marketing strategy built based on results. Not only did Kraken help lead and implement, we learnt from them every step of the way.”